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Yabda Train the Trainers: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset


Provided by Yabda consortium (

Capacity-building in Maghreb Universities for the promotion of University-led entrepreneurship.

Before you start


This course targets teaching and administrative staff of Maghreb Universities.

Course opens: September 2019

About This Course

The aim of this course is to provide faculty and administrative staff of Maghreb Universities with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to support entrepreneurship building in their institutions, in accordance with the Yabda Institutional Strategies.

The training objectives of the course are:

  1. to familiarize academic and administrative staff to entrepreneurship principles, teaching and support, thus build their capacity as entrepreneurship trainers;
  2. to allow entrepreneurship trainers to support and present entrepreneurial and innovation-focused ideas, solutions and recommendations to their local settings;
  3. to create a sustainable network of entrepreneurship trainers that willsupport the intra-university Yabda network,
  4. to explore possibilities for widening the Yabda extra-university network with society and the market.

What you will learn

By the end of the training pariticipants will be able to:

  1. include entrepreneurial principles in your teaching (for academic staff),
  2. guide aspiring entrepreneurs (faculty members and/or students) on their first steps and explain them the Yabda strategy and tools,
  3. to develop networking techniques for liaising with the intra-university(faculty, administrative and technical staff and students) and extra-university actors (local, regional and international business environmentand state services);
  4. to find or raise grants and funding resources;
  5. to mainstream Yabda principles and structures in your Universities’administrative procedures.

View Course syllabus

Module 1: The Basics of Entrepreneurship

This Module provides knowledge on the elements and the types of entrepreneurship, the dimensions of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as an understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

Module 2: Strategies of Networking

The aim of this Module is to understand the importance of establishing a networking strategy, putting in place the right actions and discovering good networking practices.

Module 3: Strategies of Financing in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

The purpose of this Module is to provide an overview of the national ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship, offer an understanding of the national innovation strategies in Maghreb and present the national funding mechanisms of innovative startups in the region.

Module 4: EU Funding

This Module aims to provide trainees with an understanding on EU funding instruments, as well as of their benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. It offers an overview of EU funding opportunities, with a special emphasis on the Maghreb countries, and step-by-step practical information on how to develop a competitive proposal.

Module 5: Family Business Management

Going one step further and considering that Family Businesses are the backbone of the Maghreb economy, this Module is focused on Family Business Management. The Module provides knowledge on the role of family businesses in national economies, the generation transfer processes, as well as the impact of governance mechanisms and strategic planning.

Module 6: Techniques for developing an entrepreneurial mindset within university

The last Module aims at enhancing the capacity of trainees to raise awareness about entrepreneurship, to teach entrepreneurship, and to help start-ups enter the market, thus promoting the transformation of their institutions into “entrepreneurial universities”.

Meet the instructors

Course Staff Image #1

Mohamed ABID


ENIS, University of Sfax

Olivier Lisein, PhD in Management Sciences, is Associate Professor at HEC Liège, the Management School of the University of Liège (where he teaches several courses in Change Management, Management of Innovation Projects, and Management of Organizations, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels), Academic Head of the Master in “Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects” (HEC - ULiège), and Senior Research Associate at LENTIC, a multidisciplinary research and action-research laboratory of HEC Liège focused on New Technologies, Innovation dynamics, and Change processes. Olivier’s main research and teaching interests are focused on strategic, organizational and human aspects of innovation processes, change management, digitization, and inter-organizational partnerships; he also questions the intrapreneurial dynamics within private companies and public organizations (their nature, the factors likely to boost intrapreneurial behaviors, and their consequences in terms of innovations).

Besides his research and teaching activities, Olivier also conducts expertise missions in private businesses and public institutions on issues related to strategy, organizational design, processes optimization, implementation of innovation projects, and change management.

Course Staff Image #2

Marine Franssen


ULiege - LENTIC laboratory

Marine Franssen holds a master in human ressources management from the University of Liege. She started her career at Lentic in October 2013 as a research fellow. Through various intervention research projects and research projects, she developed an expertise in the fields of university-enterprise collaboration, innovation management, change management, work organisation and new ways of working. In 2018, after a gap year abroad, she resumed her functions at Lentic and continued working on these topics.

Course Staff Image #2

Irini Voudouris

Associate Professor

Athens University of Economics and Business - AUEB

Irini Voudouris is Director of the Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Laboratory, and Academic Head of the Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Athens University of Economic and Business. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management Science and Technology where she teaches Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology. Her research interests revolve around innovation and entrepreneurship, strategic management and competitiveness, sustainable development. She has published in leading academic journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Research Policy, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Technovation, New Technology Work and Employment, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of World Business. She has contributed in a number of national and European research programs, acting as a director in many of them.

Course Staff Image #2

Erifili Chatzopoulou


Athens University of Economics and Business - AUEB

Dr. Erifili Chatzopoulou is responsible for the development of educational material on entrepreneurship and delivery of interactive and experiential entrepreneurship training programs in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the Athens University of Economics and Business. She holds a diploma in Mineral Resources Engineering from the Technical University of Crete, a Master in Business Administration from the same University and a Doctorate Degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business. Erifili is also a reserarcher at AUEB's Strategy and Entrepreneurship Laboratory (ESTE), which conducts high-quality research and develops practical applications in the areas of strategy, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and CSR.

Course Staff Image #2

Emmanouil Sofikitis


Athens University of Economics and Business - AUEB

Emmanouil Sofikitis (Msc, Phd. Candidate) is responsible for the delivery of interactive workshops on entrepreneurship in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the Athens University of Economics and Busines. He holds a BSc. in Management Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master in Business Administration from the same University. Emmanouil is also a reserarcher at AUEB's Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Laboratory, which conducts high-quality research and develops practical applications in the areas of strategy, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and CSR and a PhD candidate in international business at the same University.

Course Staff Image #2

Céline Souliers


Incubateur Belle de Mai-Aix Marseille University - AMU

Céline Souliers is the director of the Incubateur Belle de Mai, a business project incubator in the digital and media fields. She has been managing Public Relations and Communication for the Incubator for almost 13 years. A graduate of the Ingémédia Institute at the University of Toulon, she has made digital communication an asset for the development of the professional network of the Incubateur Belle de Mai. Céline is passionate about new technologies and is an "early-adopter", especially when it comes to challenging innovative projects that have to potential to integrate the Incubator Belle de Mai's incubator program.

Course Staff Image #2

Stefanos Vagenas

Co-founder, Managing Director

Research Innovation and Development Lab - ReadLab

Stefanos Vagenas, MSc. is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of ReadLab. He has studied Electrical & Computer Engineering and he holds two MSc degrees in: a) Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Computational Systems and b) Telecommunications. He has extensive experience in research, proposal writing and project management. He has participated in the successful implementation of numerous national and EU-funded projects related to education, entrepreneurship and social innovation, inclusion of vulnerable groups, environment, engineering, and ICT.

Course Staff Image #2

Vassiliki Chatzipetrou

Co-founder - Director, EU & International Cooperation Department

Research Innovation and Development Lab - ReadLab

Vassiliki Chatzipetrou, BA, MA is the Co-Founder & Director of the EU & International Cooperation Department of the Research, Innovation and Development Lab – ReadLab. She holds a BA in International and European Studies from the Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus, Greece and an MA in War Studies from King’s College London, University of London, UK. She has also been a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of Florida, US. Ms. Chatzipetrou has working experience in academia, think tanks, multiethnic corporation, public administration and NGOs. She is highly experienced in designing, writing and implementing projects and initiatives in national, EU and international level. She has developed and managed EU and international projects under various Calls (Erasmus+, REC, Progress, Interreg, H2020 etc.). In the capacity of EU Projects Manager – Researcher, her work is focused on VET, adult education, social inclusion, gender equality, employment, youth, SMEs competitiveness and social entrepreneurship, etc.

Course Staff Image #2

Ioannis Kinias

Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean / Senior Researcher

Research Innovation and Development Lab - ReadLab

Dr. Ioannis Kinias is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration, in the School of Management and Economics in the University of the Aegean. He graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, holds a Master’s degree (MSc) in Engineering Management from the Brunel University (UK) and a PhD in Business Administration from the Department of Business Administration of the University of the Aegean. He has also carried out a Post. Doc. in Business Policy & Strategy in the University of the Aegean, as a Research Scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY). He has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the University of Central Greece as well as in the University of the Aegean. His studies and articles have been published in various Journals and presented in International Conferences. His research interests are: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management

Course Staff Image #2

Moha Arouch

Professor, Incubator Director

Hassan 1st University - UH1

Moha AROUCH is Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies FST of Hassan 1st University and the Founding Director of the university Incubator. He holds several certificates in entrepreneurship and innovation : CEFE Facilitator, KAB Facilitator, African GESI Leadership, Licensing Academy in IP - UC Davis. He has to his credit the coaching of more than 90 projects in the preincubation phase, more than 40 projects in incubation phase, more than 20 startups created and more than 30 patents. In addition to these various research projects in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, he has carried out several evaluation, training and expertise missions for many national and international organizations : Switchmed, OIT, ONIDO/Cleantech, AUF/CIDEGEF, R&D Maroc.

Course Staff Image #2

Boussoffara Ferihane

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Economics and Management, Tunis - El Manar University,4C Director of UTM and Training Consultant

For more than 15 years, she has been in constant contact with the professional world in the context of several training and support missions for the implementation of human resources management tools (job descriptions, job evaluation support), performance and skills, HR dashboard, skills matrix, training engineering, recruitment engineering ...). She is responsible for the Quality Support Program 4C (PAQ-4C) for the UTM, supported by the Employability Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This program aims to develop the logistical and material resources of 4Cs, support training and skills certifications for the benefit of students, teachers and administrators and to develop the sustainable anchoring of 4C in its socio-economic environment. She has conducted several training sessions since 2012 with the Education For Employment Foundation and the University of Tunis El Manar for young graduates looking for a job on the theme "Finding a Job Is a Job". Coordinator of several days dedicated to entrepreneurship.